Déjeuner anyone? Say what you like about the French but one thing they do right is lunch. The French take at least an hour and a half to lunch AND they eat carbs! Bof, bien sûr, but of course! During their working week they actually interact with their colleagues and take a break from their desk. Having spent my career working in City law firms taking an actual lunch break is about as rare as finding the elusive Birkin in Hermès.

As the Slimmer in the City, I know how important lunch is…..particularly if I’m not going to reach for those conference room biscuits during an afternoon slump. Unfortunately I can’t just find a lunch spot around Bourse in Paris to wind away 90 minutes as I find myself Monday to Friday in London’s Liverpool Street. There are of course an array of grab and go establishments but in the short ten minutes I have in which to leave the office and get back to my desk (heaven forbid I may not have replied to a client toute suite) I don’t have time to read nutritional labels to find out exactly what I’m eating or queue to pay for said overpriced item masquerading hidden calories, salt and additives. Instead, I choose to dine al desko.

Al desko dining is more fun than you’d think and ok I’m still at my desk but I’m actually enjoying my food and it’s keeping me on track to reaching my goals. I know exactly what’s in my food and it keeps me fuelled to the end of the day until after my evening work out….plus I get to have a cheeky browse of an online newspaper to keep up with showbiz gossip. It’s all true obviously! Please stay with me on this…it’s a bit of a faff to start with but believe me my colleagues are jealous that I’m munching on a lean duck steak with celeriac mash and steamed veggies rather than the same boring old sandwich. You are an investment, invest your time in you. Spending a little extra time in the evening prepping your lunch will pay dividends to you…and your bank balance. Maybe that Birkin won’t be so elusive after all!

So how do you get started? Before you even start thinking about ingredients I’d highly recommend investing in some decent containers  that will keep your food secure during your commute. Personally I use Sistema as the seals are great, they come in bright colours, suitable for freezer and dishwasher and have a steam button so easy for the microwave. Next step is having some simple recipes at the click of a button or scroll of a screen) to provide you with a speedy, delicious and nutritious lunch. Hey presto you’ve got lunch al desko.

One of the things I am going to bring to you are the recipes I eat, or those I feed Mr O! They are featured in my blog so look to the right menu to start enjoying some tasty recipes