Ten Commandments – Part 2

6. COFFEE AND CAKE – you’ve said no thank you to the cake but coffee shops are guilty of concocting delicious coffee based drinks which are laced with sugar. Be smart and think about how much milk you are having. I worked out quickly that I still wanted to enjoy my cappuccinos and the way around this is by swapping to skimmed milk but asking for the cappuccino be skinny and dry. A good barrista will know what a dry cap is but it’s basically more foam rather than steamed milk. Less milk equals less calories! A dry skinny cap should weigh very little – it’s like a cloud in a cup.

7. GET RID OF THE TENTS – Once your clothing is too big get it out of your wardrobe. Whether you send it to the charity shop, sell it on ebay or swap with friends just get it out of your wardrobe because one you don’t want to get back to that size and two you need to make room for a new outfit to celebrate your process and the new you.

8. PAMPER YOURSELF – make time to look after you! Have a facial, go for a manicure or just have a nice long soak in the bath.

9. GOALS – set a goal. Not necessarily a weight goal  – for me it was getting to a size where I could buy a Burberry trench coat. The day I went into Burberry was a special day. I had to take my stylists, KB and PM with me.

10. LIVE – life is too short not to enjoy the special occasions. When it is your birthday, absolutely have the cake. Celebrate you another year of you!

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