Park Chinois

I don’t know about you but sometimes you just fancy a chinese! What is it about electric orange sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice that is just so yummy? With Mr O in town I decided that we would have a chinese as a treat for our valentines date. In London there are so many places you could go and we both love China town in Soho but I decided that we would try somewhere a bit special so I booked a spot at Park Chinois in Berkeley Street in Mayfair.

My colleague and total right hand woman CGG at work had told me that this place is the place for chinese so I spent my week looking forward to indulging. The menu looked amazing as did the cocktail list! As soon as we arrived I knew we were in for a treat. I loved the lanterns at the entrance and the red velvet opulent reception area with an open fire. We arrived early but the Maitre D’ was happy to send us straight to the table. We were sat at a table near the cabaret which I was also excited to listen to. I adore listening to live music, particularly if it’s jazzy and there’s a piano. A piano playing away always take me back to my childhood when my parents used to take me to the Georgian Restaurant at Harrods. I would stare at the piano which would play itself when the pianist took their break.

Once we had settled into our surroundings at Park Chinois, the first difficult choice to make was which cocktail to have. I went for the Spritz Chinois. It was bubbly and had a hint of sweetness but it wasn’t sickly. It tasted botanical with bergamot and rosemary. It was so delicious and pink that I had to have another one. Mr O went for a Trois Garçon which was gin based. I’m not a huge fan of gin but I could quite have easily sipped on those!

Next choice was the food. I had to try the Dim Sum as I was told it was exceptional. I asked the waiter for his advice and he recommended the Waygu Beef Gyoza. Mr O went for the King Crab and Sweetcorn Soup. Both were delicious and we both tasted each other’s. For our main course we of course had to try the sweet and sour Iberico pork loin but it was like no other. The panko breadcrumbs were so light but crunchy and the sauce was tangy. I saw champagne sauce on the menu which happened to accompany the Cantonese duck à l’orange and I thought that was a bit of me so we went for that too. The duck fried rice which we had as a side along with some crunchy Pak Choi was equally as delicious.

Normally after chinese I’m full to bursting but seeing as Park Chinois is so spectacular I thought we really should give the dessert menu a peruse. Chocolate fondant and gold leaf it was….with two spoons of course! Which we all know really means it’s mostly mine and Mr O can take a few bites! Poor Mr O!

Before we left I had to pay a visit to the ladies. It really is such a beautiful bathroom. Think dark and mysterious, lots of mirrors and ornate gold taps. Now this place is spectacular but it does come with a price tag but for a treat it’s totally worth it. In order to get over the bill we decided to go for a drink. Off to the Rivoli Bar at The Ritz as it is within staggering distance of Park Chinois. We only stayed for one (I chose the cocktail of the month called Seduction in honour of Valentines Day) as if I had any more I think I’d topple over. This loosing weight thing makes me an awfully cheap date!! Although Mr O did remind me that my one post dinner drink was at The Ritz…..maybe not such a cheap one after all!

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